Welcome to Amazon Exotics

We are a group of pet outlets in the North East of England, based in Wingate. We also have our second shop in Fencehouses, Houghten-le-Spring. Then there's our Online Stores too! We're backed by some of the biggest suppliers, and supply customers great products at fantastic prices!

Our Animals

We always have a selection of great Animals that are in excellent health. Be it Reptiles or Fish, we will have something for you. We do not deal with unsolicited sellers, as we don't support the trade; and our buyers are put to the test to ensure every animal goes to a good home.

Some of our animals are imported from their country of origin and looked after by our quarantine facility at Heathrow. The animals arrive to us with a full inspection and clean bill of health - assuring you of most diseases. Our Tortoises are micro chipped in most cases, and come with paper work supplied.

Our Outlets

The Amazon Exotics Group operates several outlets, supplying for a whole range of animals! Cats and Dogs are great pets - but Reptiles, Birds, Fish and Equines also need quality supplies too!

Below, you can see all of our outlets.

North East Equine

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Black Lagoon Aquatics

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Moggy Dog & Co

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Pet Meals on Wheels

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